Beaufort makes it personal with: Dirk van der Velden

Utrecht, Juli 2022

Beaufort Transformations and transactions has a completely new look, including a new payoff: Perfection made Personal. What does that mean in daily practice? Reason to ask the Beaufort consultants how they make it ‘Personal’. This week: Dirk van der Velden.

“I enjoy helping people move forward and using my abilities for the good of another.” – Dirk van der Velden, consultant.

Perfection made Personal, what do you think that means?

Dirk: “Perfection made personal can be split into two parts: Perfection (perfection) and personal (personal). To start with the latter. In my view, something is personal when it is yours; when it is close to your heart. Personal, then, is a deeply rooted motivation that is part of who you are as a person. It touches your being and you cannot force it. Perfection is more of an attitude/attitude always striving for the best result. The only question is whether this can be sustained without a personal motivation. Perfection made personal is the coming together of the two. You have made the pursuit of the best result part of who you are. So the will to pursue perfection comes from a deep-seated personal motivation. Under those very circumstances, perfection is sincere and persistent.”

And Dirk: how do you make it Personal?

Dirk continues: “For me, dedicating yourself to the best result is part of my persona. I enjoy helping people move forward and using my abilities for the good of another person. Whether that other person is a company, an employee, an organisation, a manager or a colleague. In my work, I am always looking for the best way to have an impact on the question at hand. That is where I get energy from and where I can be myself the most. This can sometimes be in the little things, like the way you enter a client’s office and, with an open attitude, show genuine interest in all the people who make the organisation who it is.

Finally, what is perfect for one person may not be for another. In my work, I meet many people I can learn from. Therefore, in our collaboration, I am always open to advice and constructive criticism to further improve/perfect myself.”

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