Consultants speak out: ‘Control over your own development’

Dirk van der Velden has enjoyed working as Restructuring Consulting at Beaufort for several years now. Colleague Kelly van den Broek started six months ago as a Consultant at the specialist in strategic and financial issues and is also in an excellent position. The two of them share their experiences, talk about the development they are going through and what makes working at Beaufort so enjoyable.

What can we expect from the Troonrede?

In this blog, an examination of the Troonrede of the past 32-years. What is the impact of the Troonrede and what can we say about the speech of 20 September 2022.

An inspiring Relationship event!

During our warm and sunny Relationship event, Marcel Levi took us back to his time in London and the experiences he had, including as CEO of University College London Hospitals. A fascinating and inspiring story, which was also evident from the good discussion afterwards.

Beaufort sponsors top athlete Frank Futselaar en route to the 2024 Olympics

For many athletes, the Olympics are the highest level of achievement and they do everything they can to be at their best there. What top athletes have to do and leave to be in shape at the right time is often beyond comprehension. The goal cannot be achieved without maximum commitment. That suits Beaufort: dedication, perfection and going all out to get even the last details right. Hence we are very happy to support Frank in his ambitions.